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making an impact

Knight provides printing excellence, and is now in a position to move into a more expansive, connected, new-marketing world. Still with traditional moorings but now astride something larger that will take advantage of new technologies, Knight engages in active dialogue with printing, mail and media markets to define and co-create unique value for customers.

The Company is very much involved with the Sustainability Movement and has taken great strides to reduce its environmental foot print. Whether it is the effort of seeking Tri-Certification status, which allows for tracking and measurement of raw materials, using post consumer recycled paper for its house stock, using very low VOC emitting inks, process-less printing plates which use no chemicals to treat them, etc., it is Knight’s philosophy to be a good steward within our community.

Service, excellence, speed and value for clients are the essential characteristics we provide at Knight - all day, every day. We believe THAT is a history that is always relevant.

G7 Master Certified

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