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pressroom & printing services

What does it mean to be a “professional?” How about experience, attention to detail, and the right tools?

Many of our press operators at Knight Printing have more than 15 years of printing experience. They care for their printing presses and treat each job like it's their own. No matter what the project is, our professionals in the pressroom are prepared.

Tools? We have offset presses of all sizes to fit your job. Quick turns and two colors? No problem. Inline aqueous or spot varnish? Child’s play. What's the most efficient way my job will run on press? We’ve already taken care of it. Without our professionals in the pressroom, our work is like a broken lance — pointless.

pressroom capabilities

  • 6 color + inline aqueous coating sheetfed press and dryer up to 40" (Komori)
  • 5-color + inline aqueous coating with sheet size of 23" x 29", 18,000 impressions an hour, infrared dryer, GRACol7 certified (Man Roland)
  • 2 color sheetfed press
  • Small format DIGITAL press 13" x 19" full color which very accurately simulates offset (not shiny or dull areas as in typical digital). Custom calibration to ensure consistent and accurate color.
  • B/W Konica DIGITAL press 13" x 19"

sheetfed press equipment

  • Komori 40"
  • Man Roland 500
  • Ryobi 3302 2-color
  • Heidelberg Quickmaster 2-color sheetfed press

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