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Folding 101

Paper type is still an essential factor in any type of job being printed. However, its properties and characteristics are what determine the capabilities and limitations it has. Folding and paper strength are very important indications of the durability of archival papers.


What is Folding Endurance?
Once a job is printed and folded, you may notice the finished product exhibits splitting at the spine. This may be the result of your paper undergoing stress, causing the fibers and coating to lift. This problem can be corrected by understanding a paper’s folding endurance. Folding Endurance is measured by the paper’s ability to withstand multiple folds prior to breaking. It is defined by several characteristics such as fiber strength, the fibers ability to effectively delaminate at the score, and sheet pliability. An increase in the percentage of fibers will strengthen the paper’s durability. It is also important to take into consideration the grain direction to which the product is being folded; the endurance of the fold becomes greater against the grain because it performs a stiffer hold, which will less likely cause it stress.

Tensile Strength is the maximum amount of tensile stress that is reached before breakage. The tensile strength of paper becomes more enhanced through the process of refining because of the greater degree of fiber bonding that occurs during paper-making. Also, all papers have higher tensile strength in the grain direction, allowing the fiber to fold more easily and making it ideal for greater resistance to being torn across the grain.

When understanding Bursting Strength, it is essential to know that the strength of paper is not necessarily correlated with its thickness, but rather, the way the paper is formed. Bursting strength is how much hydrostatic pressure a sheet can withstand before it ruptures. Long fibers increase the strength of paper. However, processing is what accounts for most of the paper’s strength.

The properties of paper from paper-making to printing are extremely important for the end-use application to determine the durability of paper. Some products can endure much more physical force with strength to withstand folding, tearing, and ripping.

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